Vision, it's the passion and understanding that comes from God being born in a heart which belongs to Jesus. It's that burning fire which begins with a living spark bestowed by God's Word into a dedicated and pure vessel which only purpose is to live through God's holy fire which ignites people's lives for their Savior.

Vision, is much more than a wish, it's the reason to move in one place, to start something new or to move on. It succeed through a total partnership with God's Spirit, a dedicated team and  hard work.

Vision will always need knees to bow, hands to work, legs to mission, and ears to hear. 

Vision relates to God's voice and tears of many. It relay on open minds and fresh spirits along with hearts which trust in the Lord.

Vision it's divine seed of hope planted through God's promises which create dreams and expectations by His Spirit.

Visions are experienced by those who are one mind, one will and one goal that God's plan might be fulfilled and His name be glorified. Everyone who is saved is meant to be fruitful by experiencing God's faithfulness while they are doing His will.

People who are "possessed" by God's vision doesn't need people to push  them or to stop them, but they need others join & support them.

Where is a vision there are dreams and expectations with God.

Those who recognize and accept God's vision-plan should not bother about the future but should dedicate to it in a manner that the future will have enough room to take place in the present time.

Vision will always drive people into God's plan.

by Nick Pavel 

Part of my call and ministry as pastor of KPC.

- To lead people to Christ and to make disciples for Christ. To re-initiate the respect of God’s written word and of the living Word of God in the church and in people’s daily life.

- To stir up the hunger and the thirsty in every believer of God’s living water.

- To equip those whose hearts and lives got the grace of being called in different ministries.

- To encourage old and young to praise God in the unity of the Spirit through prayer and music.

- To help people live their lives as an expression of “draw me close to You!”

- To experience renewal in the church and through the church within our community.

- To preach the Gospel in and outdoors, to teach people about of how-to walk-in God’s ways, to heal sick and broken hearts, to ignite God’s Spirit fire in people’s lives, to help people open their eyes to see the beauty of Christ, to lead people experience God’s presence in their own lives, to assist believers to rebuild their prayer altars, to stir up the love of many for God’s written and Incarnated Word through the passion of God’s Spirit.

- To be there where He wants me and where He can use me, and to be there where I can meet and help those who are in need /eager for Christ.

- To be a lever in people’s lives to reach the edge of saying: “Now I know that My Savior lives!”

Michael W. Smith - Waymaker ft. Vanessa Campagna & Madelyn Berry