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Knox Presbyterian Church was established on 1863, and since then the church has never stopped looking for the ones in need. As time passed by the church has encountered its own challenges but no matter what, the church will keep walking in faith as Jesus, the Almighty Savior, is at base. 

This congregation has good people who believe in a mighty God Who still has a word to say and works to do in Palmerston area towards those whom He loves and wants to be saved and blessed. This is one of the reasons why He sent His Son, Jesus Christ into this world. That’s why He placed Knox Church in Palmerston which believes that a congregation needs to have a minister and a community needs to have a church where people could have opportunity to hear the living word of God and to be touched by the Spirit of God. Knox Church is a place and a congregation where people’s lives are transformed and blessed by the Almighty God, who deserves all the glory, honor and praises.

This place can be a place for everyone to experience and to worship God; a church where you’re not only welcome, but await to practice God’s love and His touch for your life.

Knox Presbyterian Church, Palmerston, 

it is a place where:

  • the truth about Jesus Christ and true love of God is preached and wished

  • God's lamb sacrifice is recognized in its fullness

  • people's life are encouraged to be dedicated to and for Christ

  • is never too late to accept forgiveness and a challenge to live on earth for heaven

  • lives can be delivered, saved, transformed by God's Word and through God's Spirit

  •  God's written Word becomes  Living Word

  • God's Spirit inspires, leads, empowers and equips those who partner with Him 

  • you can grow in Christ and learn how to partner with His Spirit

  • you can be equipped to face the reality of daily life and to serve God 

  •  you can see and experience the difference of religion and Spirit life

  • people are nourished and experience fresh and solid spiritual food

  • spiritual maturity, repentance, holiness and God's will is our target 

  • people are not perfect but are lead to walk with the perfect One

  • we hope to see you soon if you need to experience God or if you have saints hope: the return of the resurrected One

  • you are welcome if you want to see, hear or experience more

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