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Pastor Nick Pavel is a force for God. He works tirelessly for the Lord. With Pastor Nick, every chance meeting is an opportunity to talk about Christ and our church. He walks about town in the late evening stopping to talk with youth on the streets. He has talked many of them to come to spend a Friday evening at the Church hall to play sports, games,  and be gently introduced to God through fellowship and fun. During the day he is a frequent visitor at the seniors home. He conducts afternoon services, visits members from our church as well as other town churches that now call the seniors complex home. Through the efforts of Pastor Nick, we are on the Web, Facebook and a website that is visited regularly by several countries. Our church has been in decline but he is working to change that.  This is directly because of the pastor's efforts and leadership. I am very excited to work with the pastor.                                       (by former clerk Henry Heidinga) 

If you would like to request our prayers for yourself or for a loved one, please use the contact page to let us know about it. 

Your prayer requests are a sacred trust and will be kept entirely confidential!

Please let us know if pastoral care, food or medicine deliveries are required. 

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