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            We would like to present our latest electronic service to help make donating easier through INTERAC E-TRANSFER GIVINGS. As much as we would rather see everyone in person we understand that under our current circumstances and with the unpredictable weather upon us along with everyone's effort to remain safe, we are pleased to offer you this Interact e-Transfer option as a convenient way to send money directly from your bank account to The Knox Presbyterian Church Palmerston. All you need is access to our online or mobile banking institution, email address and a bank account. You can send a donation without sharing any personal financial information. Once you are set to send your donation, please use the following email address:

STEP 1: Sign in to your online bank and find Interact e-Transfers. These may also be called e-mail money transfers.


STEP 2: Great, now you can add the church as a recipient of a transfer. Add the following details.

            Name: Knox Presbyterian Church Palmerston


            It’s important to get the email right. Save the new recipient and continue. 


STEP 3: Now you’re ready to send money through an e-transfer. Create a new e-transfer and enter the following information.

            Recipient: Knox Presbyterian Church Palmerston

            Message: N/A

            Amount: Choose the amount you would like to donate. (Note: Each bank has a limit on how much can be transferred daily which is usually $3500)

            Account: Choose the account you would like to transfer money from.


STEP 4: The last step is to choose a security question and answer. The question you choose can be anything (e.g. What is the church 

            location?) but it’s very important that the answer to that question is the following:

            Answer: 315Palmerston


STEP 5: Now the last step is to send the transfer. Some banks also allow you to set up recurring transfers if you would like.

            Thank you so much for ongoing support!

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